The Beauty of Timber for Decking

The Beauty of Timber for Decking

A home is only as ever good as the overall design and how that design is used.

This is even more important when it comes to the use of timber in the home and keeping it as well maintained as possible. Many people forget that a home is a collection of living spaces and this means that there will be constant use of each part, each room and some of those areas will see more activity than others.

The kitchen is one of the most important and most used rooms in any home, no matter how big or small. You will be using that area for the preparation of any meal, even a snack or making a cup of coffee or tea will usually involve utilising the kitchen.

This means that the area is more prone to wear and tear as well as seeing the most foot traffic. It also means that the kitchen is often the messiest space in the home and requires constant cleaning and maintenance.

Similarly, an outdoor decking area will see more concentrated use and be exposed to the brunt of elements. Prevention is better than cure and this is why protecting your timber is vital to keeping it looking and performing to its best. 

Maintaining the look of your floors

Your flooring will bear the brunt of use throughout the home and it is important to know how to keep your floors looking their best. 

People often use a sturdy mat for inside and outside the front and back doors to the home. Unless you are removing your shoes (and requesting the same for guests and visitors), then your floor will be battling against the effects of dirt, grime, scuff marks and the occasional spillage or dropped item. 

Timber flooring gives your home a warm and natural feel that adds a distinctive element of character. 

With this eye-catching look comes the responsibility to keep it looking its best. This is where the use of a quality timber floor polish comes into the equation. 

It doesn’t matter if your timber floors are Spotted Gum, Tasmanian Oak, Blackbutt, Merbau or Jarrah, this flooring is a valuable asset that should be protected and maintained. If you have chosen a special flooring such as black floorboards, then you will want to have a high quality hardwood floor cleaner on your side and to keep to a proper cleaning schedule. 

The choice of flooring and carpet

Carpeted floors are always in danger of being spoiled by spilled drinks such as wine or coffee. Safeguarding this type of flooring with a fabric and carpet protector is considered a valuable investment of money and time. Remember to ensure that the carpet is dry after application before you walk on it. 

Carpets will wear down naturally over time and even furniture can leave distinctive and possibly destructive marks on carpets. 

Whether you have carpeted or timber flooring, it’s important to soften the sharper edges from the legs of chairs and tables with felt stick-on pads. This can minimise the problem of damaging the floor under these pieces of furniture. You will need to reapply fresh pads in the space of a few years as the protection will wear down over time and leave your floors susceptible to scratching and dents.

Your outdoor timber and decking

There are many ways to add an extra living space and an element of beauty to your home, but nothing does it quite as well as a well designed decking area.

This addition to your home means you have both a special place to entertain family and friends, make the best use of the warmer months or sunny days and have your own private oasis to relax and enjoy.

Some of the latest ideas in new home design incorporate a decking area. This shows how this popular outdoor area has become a staple in the majority of today’s homes.

There are a few key factors to consider when you choose a decking area or timber outdoor living space. 

Your deck will see the worst of what the weather can bring, including;

  • rain, 
  • hail, 
  • strong winds, 
  • harsh UV rays 
  • and even the ravages of unwanted pests

Oiling deck areas and timberwork is important to protecting and maintaining the quality of the timber. This means cleaning that timber thoroughly and using the best product for deck protection that you can buy.

With regular cleaning, maintenance and the occasional inspection of the timbered area, you can have a valuable asset of your home that lasts for the many years to come.

Making the most of a marvellous design

With the cost of a home far outweighing the investment it was years ago, it makes sense to choose a design that will cater for your needs both now and into the future. 

The changing nature of a family home – with children often continuing to live at home into their 20’s – you need to make consideration for how to look after everyone’s needs and interests. 

This may mean including a second bathroom or separate living areas that allow for both joint dinners and entertaining, while giving household members the opportunity to relax and unwind in privacy. 

Then there is the issue of deciding on a home that is both sustainable for the family and also for the planet.

Of all the different styles of home designs Melbourne, Sydney and other cities across Australia have, there is nothing better than a home designed specifically for that local area and its climate.

Using environmentally friendly materials and incorporating cost saving measures such as solar heating, hot water, water recycling and double glazing windows.

Recycled and sustainably sourced timber is a simple and effective way to make sure that you are lowering your carbon footprint while giving your home the character and charm that you and others can appreciate.

When you choose the right materials such as quality timber, you have the chance to enjoy all the benefits that Mother Nature has to offer. 

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