Putting your best face to the market

Putting your best face to the market

It’s not always easy to find the best promotional products Australia has on offer.

You might have to ask yourself a number of questions:

● What is the most effective way to promote my brand?

● What will those promotional products say about the brand?

● Are there promotional items that suit our brand and our goals?

● Where do I find products that are of high quality?

There is no point in promoting your brand without the right products and ideas behind it. In some cases, your company can put itself in the wrong light and confuse potential clients about what you offer. 

It’s a good idea to look at your brand as a living entity. Imagine that your brand is a person who turns up to a social event.

What does your brand wear? This comes down to your branded colours and logo. This needs to be significant enough to stand out from others but not necessarily bold or especially eye-catching.

Then comes the matter of the personality of your brand and how people can connect with what you do and how you do it.

Knowing who you are as a brand

If you don’t have a clear and consistent brand identity, then it is almost impossible for existing clients and potential customers to relate to you.

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Rather than just offer a product or service, your brand needs to have something that people are able to remember and are happy to return to.

By outlining what you stand for and the particular beliefs you hold, there is every chance for you to make more of your individual strengths and show why your target market should choose you over your competitors.

There is no point in leaving things unsaid or kept within the team when you have something special to offer. 

The key is to be specific about those points of difference and not to use something generic and ultimately banal like ‘good customer service’. That is a phrase that almost any company can and often does use. The question to ask yourself is, ‘Will this be something that excites and instantly engages someone?’ If it isn’t, then you need to find a point that is.

Using promotional products that suit your brand 

Not all companies in your field of industry do the same thing. Not all those companies have the same style or ways of going about what they produce or provide to the market.

By examining what is special about you, there is a great chance to showcase the particular personality of your brand. 

Maybe you have a special personal touch to how you go about business or a focus on something outside of the industry that impacts society as a whole.

You could show that you have an eco-friendly attitude and value sustainability over profits. You can promote your company with something special, like the best in seedsticks.

These are special seeds that come in special biodegradable packaging. You have options like seeds contained in sachets within a custom-printed seed envelope or as part of an entire grow box.

To be able to highlight what is important to you and how far you go with what you say, it is vital that you back your beliefs with actions. 

Avoiding putting your brand in a bad light

There is a thought that a company, especially one of a corporate variety, has no character to it. This is a big mistake and one that can prove to be costly.

Sometimes, a brand is only as strong as the people who work there. This can be integral to both client-facing and background staff. 

If you have a well-rewarded and engaged team, then that will translate to the way your team members deal with customers. 

We have all dealt with someone who is clearly not interested in assisting you with your query when you call a company, and that attitude is both off-putting and can be a reason not to engage with the brand any further.

There are thousands of instances like this, but only a handful of potential customers would ever contact that company again, and fewer would be willing to make a point of how they were treated. 

It is pointless to promote your brand in a certain way and then have it undercut by poor customer service or by disgruntled staff.

Using your best assets 

There are more assets in your business than the standard forms of stock, furnishings and equipment. 

One of the most potent assets of all is your staff. If you can keep them engaged and enthusiastic about where they work, you have an extremely powerful asset on your side.

Most people will be asked at some stage of their week, ‘Where do you work?’ and the answer says more about the employer. The way they word that answer will be a strong indication of how strongly they feel about the place they work and how much working there means to them.

An enthusiastic response is a great calling card and can often put that brand front and centre in the other person’s mind. 

How do you have your staff engaged and keep them rewarded beyond a higher wage or bonus? 

This is when supporting them both at work and outside of their working hours is important. Many businesses don’t realise that to have a team working together; those staff need to be an actual team. 

One special way to promote that feeling is to support staff endeavours like sports. Having branded custom basketball jerseys or other sports kits shows that you support your staff, and you can showcase your logo or name in an active way. Suddenly, that normal sports top is a special basketball uniform that has your brand emblazoned on it.

Showing why you matter

Before going into promotional mode, remember to go for quality every time. 

You may find that you need help with how your brand is performing online. The quality of your  

SEO marketing is only going to be as good as the digital marketing agency you use.

Using quality services is crucial, and that extends to your promotional products.

You can be remembered for all the right reasons and with a clear and engaging personality to your brand if you do the right planning. 

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